DIGC in England

The Drammen International Gospel Choir was proud to carry out its first ever tour of England between 23rd and 27th October, 2014.


This tour to England was quite an experience for the members of Drammen International Gospel Choir. There were planned 3 concert productions, one in Salisbury and two in Winchester. 

The choir travelled with Sven Jøran Michelsen (musikal leader), Trond Akerø-Kleven (pianist), Espen Hauge (on bass), Anders Viken (on drums) and Øystein Trollsås (on saxophone).

Here are some pictures from the concerts in Salisbury and Winchester. All photographs are by Mona Auke.

Concert in Salisbury Arts Centre. All the concert productions were recorded to make a live CD from the tour.

Maia and Evalyne singing with DIGC.

Happy moments in DIGC.

Fill the Streets With Love. Monica is leading the choir, while Sven Jøran is singing.

DIGC in Christ Church in Winchester.

Kevin Gover, DIGC's manager in Winchester. He did a wonderful job for the choir in England. Thank you Kevin.

Sist oppdatert: 13.11.2014
Skrevet av: Dag Kaspersen